Mathematics mcq


Mathematics MCQ page 1

Mathematics mcq

  • The salary of a mechanic is first increased by 30% and later reduced by 30%. What is the net difference in his salary?

Ans; 9% decrease


  • The people of a town is 45000; 5/9th of them are males and the rest females 40% of the males are wedded. What is the percentage of wedded females?

Ans; 50%


  • In an exam 40% failed in Mathematics, 45% failed in Physics. If 25% of candidates failed in both the subjects. Then the percentage of failed candidates is?

Ans; 60%


  • After 38 liters of petrol were poured into the container, it was still 5% empty. How much petrol obligation be poured into the container to fulfill it?

Ans; 2 liters


  • A competitor who gets 30% of the points fails by 50 marks. But another competitor who gets 45% points gets 25 points higher than needed for passing. Find the number of points for passing?

Ans; 200


  • A man saves 20% of his pay. If an account of the dearness of things he is to raise his monthly costs by 20%, he is only capable to save Rs. 200 per month. What is his monthly pay?

Ans; Rs.5000


  • Two figures are 30% and 37% are smaller than the third number. How much percent is the second number smaller than the first?

Ans; 10%


  • The price of an essay has been decreased by 25%. To restore the initial price the new price must be raised by?

Ans; 33 1/3 %


  • If the cost of sugar rises by 25%. How much percent loss of sugar should be reduced in order to keep the expenditure fixed?

Ans; 20%


  • Shahbaz Sharif spends 10% of his income in house rent, 20% of the rest on his children’s education, 25% of the rest miscellaneous reasons. If he now posses Rs. 1944 later his income is?

Ans; Rs.3600


Mathematics MCQ


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